Associations realization of key innovations

ARKI GROUP unites various interdisciplinary scientific Platforms that help to build qualitatively new projects at the intersection of the fields of different sciences for the improvement of human life, society and nature protection.

Lack of communication and knowledge exchange on the one hand, and inadequate financing of promising projects on the other, don’t allow scientists from different sectors of knowledge and investors to share their achievements.

You have the opportunity to present your interdisciplinary projects to the international community, colleagues, potential partners and investors with the help of ARKI GROUP.

Our goal is generation and implementation of new ideas, initiatives and projects of educational, cultural, social and economic development.

ARKI GROUP reveals the possibilities for deploying network “thought factories” (studying situations, trends, discussing projects, examining solutions, etc.) on the most topical issues of our time.

The community of scientists, manufacturers and investors allows us and our partners to build highly technological and effective schemes of implementation and financing.

Bring your projects to the international level together with ARKI GROUP. Receive and offer grant support, to transfer your ideas and international internship programs, to share the accumulated knowledge.

ARKI GROUP helps its members in the execution of patents, author’s certificates, the publication of scientific articles and monographs.

Both investors and scientists are interested in piloting, innovating and disseminating information, knowledge and best practices. To overcome the world crisis, a qualitatively new race of scientific and technological progress is needed, which can be given by disciplines on the border of diverse knowledge: information and communication technologies, psychology, mathematics, ecology, biology, physics, etc.

If you are interested in the project presented on the site or you want to add your own, contact us.

ARKI GROUP directs the flow of knowledge from two different sciences into a single channel and you have the opportunity to become part of this process!

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