Multidea – interactive touch tables

Just recently, the school was considered to be innovative, in which there was an in-depth study of any subject or one that works according to a special method. However, today another criterion is added to this – the introduction of IT technologies in the learning process.

How can technology improve academic performance?

 Nowadays, an extremely small number of schools in Ukraine is equipped with new technologies, although interactive boards and tables increase the performance of schoolchildren, therefore, increase the level of education. IT technologies allow:

– to work with electronic educational platforms, virtual galleries, interactive lectures, books, multimedia presentations;

– to develop the ability of students to creative actions in unusual situations;

– to develop constantly new pedagogical skills of the teacher;

– to integrate any school subjects with computer science;

– to realize the individual capabilities of the student and an individual approach;

– students can create projects be the use of  IT technologies, audiovisual means, etc.

Interactive technologies help to engage children in educational process

With the development of gadgets, in an era when children are supersaturated with a great number of information, the teacher has only 10 seconds to attract the attention of the student. With the help of smart solutions, this is much easier to do, since there is an opportunity not only to tell about the topic of the lesson, but also to show it for students. According to statistics in the classroom with the use of technology, even children with poor academic performance, children who are difficult to interest in something, show excellent results, as they have taken a depp interest in the subject.

Teacher involvement

An internet connection opens up unlimited possibilities for the teacher. In this case, a specialist can easily adjust the learning process for each class in a matter of seconds, changing pictures, data and other materials. This makes the learning process more varied, interesting and fun. Moreover, it is not necessary to sit on notebooks after an exhausting working day: interactive boards and tables can pass out tests to students, check the work and put the grades themselves. In addition, there are already a number of electronic textbooks – full-fledged printed ones optimized for interactive panels.

The development of children’s communication skills

In addition to all the advantages, working with the interactive table, children develop communication skills, due to the fact that they learn to work together to solve tasks set by the teacher. All this helps children learn flexibility and courtesy, working together. They begin to understand how important it is to take into account the opinions of others, which may be useful to them in adulthood.

Modern standard education requires the integration of innovative ICT tools to optimize the learning process. Interactive devices allow educational institutions to prepare excellent specialists who will be able to adapt in a dynamically developing society where information technologies play a leading role.




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