STEM-education is a modern approach to learning

It is not a secret for anybody that nowadays one of the most sought-after professionals is those who have received education in the field of high technologies, the so-called STEM-education. All highly developed countries invest enormous resources and money in the implementation of STEM education at the level of state programs.

What is STEM education?

If we spell out the abbreviation STEM, we get S – science, T – technology, E – engineering, M – mathematics. This learning approach is based on the study of natural science through the introduction of innovative technologies. For instance, these are specialists such as nanotechnologists, engineers, and programmers. However, this approach is used even in the study of creative disciplines. Thus, students learn not only the skills of playing a musical instrument, but also use computer programs to create new music.

Why is STEM education so important?

The rapid evolution of technology has led to the fact that one of the most popular and promising professions are programmers, IT specialists, and every year the need for such professionals is only increasing. Despite the fact that only 16-20 thousand of IT specialists are graduated annually in Ukraine only, the number of vacancies does not decrease and IT companies still need good professionals. Moreover, STEM-education is not just a transfer of knowledge from teacher to student, but a way to expand consciousness, change realities. During this approach, the child develops a creative direction in education, which includes creative disciplines. After all, the future, connected strictly with science, is not particularly happy, and the synthesis of science and art is our future.

Impact on the economy

The introduction of STEM education will change the economy of our country; make it more innovative and competitive. Indeed, according to some data, attracting only 1% of the population in the STEM profession raises the country’s GDP by 50 billion dollars. And the need for STEM-specialists grow 2 times faster than the need for other professions due to the fact that STEM develops the ability to research and analytical work, experimentation and critical thinking.

STEM is not something unusual: it is just a tool that enables students to take the first step towards understanding the world, understanding the multi-level relationship between various aspects of life. Thus, our future is in technology, and the future of technology is in the new learning method – in STEM education.




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