Language Clubs at Science Park «Synergy»

Free Ukrainian language course “Ukrainian is easy!” Hurry up to register!

PO “ARKI GROUP” invites you to a free course of the Ukrainian language, which will be held in the Science Park «Synergy» on the basis of KNURE with the support of the Office of Innovative Development and Image Projects of the Kharkiv City Council.

The course lasts 2 months (8 lessons). Classes start in September 2019.

– oral speech,

– rules of orthoepy,

– spelling,

– city tours

– moving-picture show,

– meetings with famous Kharkiv citizens.

We do not promise that within 2 months you will become a professor, but the fact that the courses will be interesting, useful and fun is for sure!!! You will be able to overcome the language barrier, to find a circle of companions, new friends and acquaintances, to improve language skills and literacy!

Pre-registration at the following link:




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