Robert Franklin Pucelik “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychological and social adaptation.”

R. Franklin Pucelik is a well-known coach who is included in the TOP-100 business trainers of the United States (according to the Institute for Organizational Development of the USA).  He is one of three developers of neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

ARKI GROUP found out the expert’s opinion about the use of a new technologies for the treatment of PTSD during the work shop “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Psychological and social adaptation. “

The coach shared his long experience of psychological work with veterans of 8 wars. He emphasized the importance of respect for veterans and emotional self-control of psychologists, during psychological support and consultations. R. Franklin Pucelik designates the veteran as a “man of wisdom” who needs the help of a psychologist who acts as a mystical “shaman” during the transformation of a soldier into a peaceful life. Psychologist helps with such tipy of transformation for finding a new life sense, instead of an symptomatic work. It is the main task of the work of practical psychologists.

The representative of ARKI GROUP asked what the coach thinks about cyberpsychological methods for help patients with PTSD. R. Franklin Pucelik agreed that the use of Telemental Health capabilities, such as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Mental Health Apps (for example, PTSD Coach of VA’s National Center for PTSD in partnership with the Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology)  is quite appropriatein for treatment of veterans with PTSD. However, he notes that the need to introduce such methods and tools of cyberpsychology should not contradict the fundamental principles of professional psychological support of veterans with PTSD.




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