Our goal is building the mental health application which includes: assessment of stress level with statistical and graphical analysis, stress-stimulation and successive mastery of psychological tools based on scientifically proven psychological methods. This application helps users be mentally prepared for emergency, increase their stress resistance and reduce daily work and home stress.

It includes three components:

– cognitive: training logic and ability to analyze the situation, plan compilation for stress controlling;

– instrumental: assimilation and training of useful skills that help reduce stress, increase resistance to stress and act effectively in emergency situations;

– physical: increased strength and endurance, development of body stress control.

Antistress Application helps to track and monitor mental state for prediction of the responses to various stressors and better cope with problems, such as stress, depression and general anxiety. Useful Statistics graphs show a progress after level passing and stress stimulation. It is helpful for tool choosing which is suitable for each user.




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